My Fees

I treat insured patients on a fee assured basis. Please ensure that you have authorisation from your insurer for consultation and initial diagnostic investigations in advance of your appointment. When treatment is planned, I will communicate the procedure code to you in written correspondence to seek authorisation from your insurer to cover the costs.

In the event that your insurer does not approve cover for the treatment, then we can provide you for a quote for the costs as a self-pay patient.

Quotes for self-pay patients (or patients who are not covered by their insurer for an intended course of treatment) will be provided for you by the hospital where you are treated in advance of the procedure (Spire Parkway, Solihull, The Priory Hospital in Edgbaston, HCA The Harborne Hospital in Edgbaston or Ramsay Health The Westbourne Centre in Edgbaston).

My initial and follow-up consultation fees can be sourced from either the hospitals where I see patients or my secretaries (please see the contact page). Please note that it is not uncommon for patients to require additional diagnostic tests as part of our initial consultation (e.g. plain film radiographs and/or cone beam CT scans). CBCTs and OPG radiographs for patients in the West Midlands will be invoiced separately by Cavendish Imaging unless covered by your insurance provider and prices can be sourced in advance from Cavendish or The Westbourne Centre. All other images (e.g. MRI, conventional CT and US) will be invoiced by the hospital where you are treated, unless covered by your private health insurance.

Please note that for patients with temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), I often may recommend a lower soft bite-raising appliance as part of your initial management. I will give you the option of either sourcing this from your general dental practitioner or I can provide this for a set fee that will be quoted to you by the hospital in advance of our appointment.

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