Expert witness

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I regularly prepare expert witness reports for clinical negligence cases in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery on areas including dentoalveolar (e.g. third molar) surgery and associated nerve injuries, benign salivary gland pathology, temporomandibular disorders, maxillofacial trauma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

I prepare thorough court compliant Condition & Prognosis and Liability & Causation reports, but am also happy to prepare "screening" reports with written advice on liability at the outset to determine the merits of a case. I am willing to defer fees until the conclusion of the case in most instances.

I am also happy to be instructed on personal injury cases including facial fractures and soft tissue injuries.

I have completed expert witness training with Bond Solon in:

  • Courtroom Skills
  • Excellence in Report Writing
  • GDPR for Expert Witnesses
  • Cross-examination Day
  • Civil Law & Procedure

This has culminated in the award of the Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness Certificate (Civil Law) and I am indemnified to provide this work specifically.

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